Material Data Models

The MMPDS database contains more than 170 materials. Each material is described by data, graphs and tables that allow users to extract the information quickly and easily. Some of the material properties are listed below:

  1. Chemical Composition:
    Fig. 1: Chemical composition
  2. Stress-strain curves, tangent-modulus curves

    • Tensile Properties (ultimate and yield strength)
      Fig. 2: Tensile Input
    • Compressive yield and shear ultimate strength
      Fig. 3: Compresssive Properties
  3. Temperature-independent properties:

    a) Mechanical Properties

    • Design Ultimate Compressive Stress
    • Design Ultimate Stress In Pure Shear
    • Modulus of Elasticity in Compression
    • etc.
      Fig. 4: Yield Strenght

    b) Physical Properties

    • Average Expansion Coeff.
    • Density
    • Specific Heat Capacity
    • Thermal Conductivity
      Fig. 5: Density
    • Temperature-dependent Properties:

    • Complex Exposure

    • RT[%]
    • Average Expansion Coeff.
    • etc.
  4. Time-depedent properties:

    • Creep
    • Fatigue-Crack Propagation
    • Load Control Fatigue
      Fig. 6: Load Control Fatigue
  5. Fracture Toughness

    Fig. 7: Fracture Toughness for an Alloy

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