Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS) Database

This materials database is a scientific source of metallic materials design data, which is acceptable to the united states government procuring or certification agencies. MMPDS is a joint effort of government, industrial, educational, and international aerospace organizations. The primary result is a videly accepted handbook.

The handbook is an accepted source for metallic material allowables, recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Handbook as a book is published by the Battelle Memorial Institute. Matplus GmbH offers a special database version of MMPDS and makes it available online using the next generation materials database system EDA.

Interactive access to data, tables and diagrams

This materials database provides

  • standardised design data and associated information for metallic materials and structural elements used in aerospace and aerostructures

  • mechanical and physical properties and material data required for the design of aerospace structures

  • an overview of the essential aerospace metallic materials and their assured properties as a function of product form, heat treatment and dimensions

Benefits for users of MMPDS in Matplus EDA

  • All data is multilingual and available in different units. Especially for European engineers this facilitates access to the system, as no conversion of American units is required.

  • Overview tables allow easy filtering and comparison of the data. A full text index complements the numerical queries.

  • Chemical composition. The nominal compositions of the materials are part of the data sets.

  • Interactive graphics allow the data of different materials to be superimposed. Texts, formulas and literature references are linked to the data.

  • The parameterized storage of the material data in EDA makes the use of MMPDS much easier.

  • The knowledge base can be used in many ways: the simplest access is an annual subscription to the continuously updated online version. Furthermore, the system can also be made available for the intranet in companies.

Custom Home Screen

Fig. 1: MMPDS Home Screen - Configurable access to data and diagrams

Example Parametric Properties

Fig. 2: Tensile Strength against Thickness for a specific Aluminium alloy

More information about the parametric properties in MMPDS is available on List of Material Properties in MMPDS 14 . All graphs allow interactive and display all relevant parameters on selection of points.

Subscription Pricing

The subscription to MMPDS 14 Online is available in our Shop System:

Multi-user licenses are available on request.

MMPDS as part of your corporate intranet

We also offer MMPDS as a private-cloud solution or as part of an on-premise solution. In both cases you may add your specific content and include MMPDS into your corporate materials knowledge base.

On-premise solutions also allow to create interfaces to your PLM- and ERP-environments.

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